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Thousands of companies have their own website, but an effective website will only be effective if it best represents your corporate image and reaches the designated target.

Ensuring a website that is effective in both form and substance is our mission. The company website is the most important communication tool that a SME or Large Company will have at its disposal.

We will find the right solution for your business ensuring compliance with the established budget. Your website will be built and strategically organized to be an effective conversion tool and provide a good brand image.

Unique Websites!

We are able to draw up complex web projects based on your requests, respecting the budget and surprising your expectations. Our online communication services will ensure strong brand identification, optimizing text and multimedia content without sacrificing the practical usability of the website. The balance of these elements constitutes a large part of the corporate communication strategy you will want to adopt.

The steps we will follow to create yours

Company website

Target: let's decide together

who will visit your website

First of all, it is necessary to understand who the proposed product / service is to be offered: men and women of a certain age, or with a certain income and so on. Therefore a business feasibility study, a study of the sector and a good analysis of the competitors will be the first things to deal with in order to best determine the type of website to create. In summary: we study your company offer and the reference market, then we analyze the direct and indirect competitors on the market and on the basis of the data collected we will trace the profile of your ideal customer. At the end of this study phase we will already have clear how to develop a functional and effective website.

We determine the market demand for your product / service responds

Once the profile of the ideal customer has been outlined, it is necessary to identify the reason why the target you are referring to should contact you rather than other companies. So with the help of captivating texts and beautiful, clear and meaningful images we will intrigue the visitor and make him identify with what we are looking for: the ideal customer. Obviously the arrangement of the whole, the fonts and the sizes adopted play a significant role in attracting and retaining visitors. So when you ask the question, your site will have to provide an answer that actually sets out the reasons and advantages why it is good to choose your products or services rather than those of the competition. To support your response to market demand there must be testimonials, reviews and, if you want, real applications of your work.

We create tailor-made websites for you and your customers

We create a web page that fits perfectly the guidelines drawn in the previous steps, always referring to your corporate identity. This sales tool will need to be efficient and consistent with what the company and product stands for. At the same time we will elaborate the best strategy to increase traffic on your site, taking into account the different communication methods of the tools we will use (SEO positioning, Google ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads etc. All this will later guarantee to study the behavior of the visitors within the Website and possibly identify imperfections to correct.

You will have an efficient and unique website in your hand.

Discover new profit channels with our Websites

Congratulations! If you have come this far it is likely that you yourself are able to give a plausible answer as to why all this is needed.

Affirm your Brand in the digital market, beat the competition and increase your Business! This is not the last step of our work, but it is the beginning of yours. By channeling visitors to the Call to Action, which may be a contact form or subscription to the newsletter, the conversion of the user to a potential customer will be determined and therefore the final purpose of your Website will be achieved.

M&G Consulting creates solutions

E-COMMERCE suitable for every request

We create a corporate e-commerce site with tailor-made and mobile responsive management software. E-commerce must facilitate user navigation while remaining intuitive and quick to use.

An e-commerce is an online site no different from the window of a physical store, capable of converting and monetizing. A successful e-commerce can be defined as such only if the user experience is pleasant, easy and captivating.

Regardless of the type of product on display, users must first and foremost be captured by the design, the structure of the site and its simplicity. We strategically organize the arrangement of product photos, features, prices leveraging through emotional marketing. The Web Experience that we will create for you will lead to a real increase in sales, maximizing the shopping experience of your customers.

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