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Websites development

Responsive and professional website creation specialists

Websites development

We are a reference in the creation of innovative Internet sites with original graphics.
We offer innovative solutions in the technological field with the help of the best CMS such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify and Prestashop.
Through the study of UI and UX we will develop the best graphic interface and usability of the product. We develop customized platforms and integrations with systems such as external programs and software through the implementation of APIs.

The company website is the most important communication tool that a Start-Up, SME or Large Company can use to make itself known, for this reason many companies rely on our experience.

Realizzazione sito web

Web Site Development Milan

Milan Web Site Development

Before building a website, to gain a competitive advantage, companies must take into account who their customers are, what they buy and which channels they prefer.
M&G is recognized as a leading Web Agency as a strategic partner alongside Italian companies for the creation of Websites.

We will create a simple, innovative, optimized and effective website for your target. Together with our team, we will work to optimize your company's website and generate traffic.

Online communication services will ensure strong brand identification, optimizing textual and multimedia content without sacrificing the practical usability of the website . The balance of these elements constitutes a large part of the corporate communication strategy that you will want to adopt.

Sviluppo Ecommerce

The important steps for the creation of a website

- Usability  Users must be able to take advantage of a user experience, the so-called UI and UX, which is truly original and which allows them in the first place a pleasant navigation within the website, where it is easy to find what they need and which involves them to the point of contact you. 

- Adaptability The adaptability of the website is the ability of the website structure to adapt to all devices and therefore to any type of screen (tablet, smartphone, PC), a responsive website guarantees better usability of the service and therefore the possibility of being visible to every type of visitor.

- The web design  the website must be designed and built on the basis of the target customers to be reached as well as being innovative, captivating and engaging. So you have to make sure that they push to make contact with the company;

- The contents must always be updated and interesting, it is essential to explain the competitive advantage and your differentiating elements compared to the competition, the user must find answers to what he is looking for;

- Promotion is important to get noticed in the sea of websites on the internet. The next step to a good realization is sponsorship. The advertising campaigns offer the opportunity to make yourself known and be noticed by the public even if in the early periods you are not placed on the front page.

Sviluppo Ecommerce Milano per aziende

E-COMMERCE suitable for every need

E-commerce development for companies

We develop e-commerce for companies with the best technology to ensure optimal UI and UX.
We develop back-ends tailored to your needs to ensure total integration with your business systems and software. 
We study the best graphic interface so that it is always innovative and captivating, favoring navigation for users in an intuitive and fast way.  

An e-commerce is an online site no different from the window of a physical store, capable of converting and monetizing. A successful e-commerce can only be defined as such if the user experience is pleasant, easy and captivating.

Regardless of the type of product displayed, users must first and foremost be captured by the design, the structure of the site and its simplicity. We strategically organize the arrangement of product photos, features and prices by leveraging emotional marketing. The Web Experience that we will create for you will lead to a real increase in sales, maximizing the shopping experience of your customers. 

Renew a website or do it from scratch? 

With us it is always the right time to start!

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