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Business Consulting and Web Agency 

For the premises registered in the MOVIDA App, M&G Consulting has dedicated various services for the development and support of the activity with a reserved price list for: Business Consulting , Development and Restyling of WebsitesSocial campaigns , Logos creations, Brand Identity , and much more.

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Discover the services reserved for you! 

We offer companies concrete solutions to grow and achieve their goals. 

Run properly and truly control your business. We will support you and help you achieve your goals!

Let your potential customers find you on the web and consolidate current relationships! Social marketing, Email Markenting, SEO, SEM and much more. M&G consulting will make everything quick and easy!

The creation of your own Logo, brand is essential for the success of your business. Unique and original design to stand out from competitors

Study your competitors and find out how to defend yourself from their attacks. Anticipate their marketing moves and don't get caught unprepared.

Define your own brand identity, differentiate yourself from competitors and consolidate it through the appropriate tools. Originality and simplicity first of all!

Position yourself among the first results on search engines. You appear in organic searches for keywords that are relevant to your business.

The website is your business card for customers and suppliers. Keep up with the times and choose an innovative and design structure for your website.

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99% of our customers are satisfied!

M&G is a consultancy firm and a Web Agency that aims to follow the business cycle 360 degrees, with professionals and internal resources at all stages of the project.
We are specialists in creating value for businesses.

Thanks to our experience and passion we have been able to always achieve the best for our customers even when companies were in the most delicate phases of their life cycle.




The Web Agency

Creation of Websites, E-Commerce, Logo,

Bringing a website to be among the first in Google searches is not easy at all, it requires many hours of work per week on SEO with research and study of fundamental keywords, analysis of user behavior and writing copy texts. With us you can forget about all this and just watch your website rank higher in search engines. By relying on us you will optimize time and resources.

Digital Marketing is the branch of marketing that focuses on digital communication to promote products and services.

Knowing how to communicate with your customers in the correct way and with the right tools is the first step to be successful on the web.

For this we will support you in the development of a Brand Identity , a Website , E-commerce and Social Campaigns for products and services.

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Business Consulting

Business, strategic and marketing consultancy

Grow your business, increase sales and develop new products. it is not at all simple. Sometimes despite the efforts the results are slow to arrive and often do not reflect our expectations.

In most cases the problem lies in the inefficiency of the operating method employed by the entrepreneur or by the management, given the lack of experience or it can be given by the lack of highly specialized collaborators in their work team.

A business management conducted in this way leads to a waste of economic resources in the vain attempt to improve a serious situation but the worst thing is the waste of time (Most important resource of all and that no matter how much an entrepreneur works, he will never get back).

Rely on the best experts in the business and strategic consulting sector. You will optimize time and economic resources. Objectives achieved 100%

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How much does a Web Marketing Consultancy or Service cost?

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Are you afraid of the cost of a business consultancy or one of the Web Marketing or Web Agency services?

You must know that defining the price of a consultation is never easy. because a consultant, in addition to being an expert who makes his know-how available to the company, is also an operational subject who must produce reports, research on behalf of the company, analyze data and market behavior and develop ad hoc solutions. Request a no-obligation quote, it's fast and free!


Quality at the best price

Advice like you've never seen it before

We are a group of analysts, strategists, web designers, marketers but above all solvers of seemingly insurmountable problems. Every day we always give our best for our customers to achieve the goals they set us and to make them satisfied. We do all this by guaranteeing honest prices that are proportionate to the working time required, because only through hard work can great results be achieved.

Design,  Website development and maintenance

P esign, SEO and SEM. We take care of your website

We design your website together with you to make it unique and personal. We develop and complete it with your support and then ... We work with you to get it among the top Google results! SEO is a process that takes time and constant work. it's a dirty job but someone has to do it!

We develop SEM Marketing campaigns focused on increasing traffic to your Website.

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Sviluppo Sito Web SEO SEM Web Agency M&G Consulting Meg Consulenza Movida
Consulenza Strategica
Web Marketing
Consulenza aziendale

Strategic Business Consulting

We listen to your needs and your goals to devise the best tailor-made strategy.

It is often forgotten how much a business strategy must be tailored to your company and more and more often you see entrepreneurs who implant in their business strategies seen and reviewed that do not lead to great results.

A good business strategy must take into account all the unique aspects of the company in question:

  • Sector of belonging

  • Purpose of the strategy

  • Method of realization

  • Budget available

  • Timing

  • Originality

  • Return on strategic investment

A wise entrepreneur would rely on competent and productive people to achieve their goals. Request a quote now.


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