Website Promotion

Website promotion is a phase that all companies large or small will have faced as soon as they enter the online world. M&G Consulting provides targeted advice suitable for every type of company by providing the requirements and knowledge to attract new visitors and retain its customers. Promoting a website offers significant benefits to your business, by extending the corporate message to a wider audience it is clear that the return of this action will be positive. But to ensure real success it is necessary to look at your site with a critical aspect before proceeding with its promotion on search engines.

Advertising, Sponsorship and Online Visibility

Before proceeding with the promotion of the website, it is necessary to make some careful considerations: knowing that an average user takes between 5 and 10 seconds to decide whether to stay on a web page or not, how should his attention be captured? It is necessary to ask the right questions and act accordingly: Is the site graphically beautiful? Is the site clear and intuitive for those who land there or might have problems navigating it? If the website is responsive, is smartphone browsing pleasant and fast? If your site passes the short questionnaire with flying colors, you can proceed with its promotion on search engines.

What are the techniques and strategies with which to promote a website?

There are various tools you can use in order to promote and launch your website. Presenting your business to the general public is not a trivial matter and the type of communication and form must be carefully studied to obtain optimal results. Here are some website promotion techniques:

Website Promotion Strategies

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

The insertion of an advertisement in the search engine is free. You, the owners of a website, will only pay for the clicks that the ad will receive from users, who will be redirected to the landing page. Search Engine Advertising thus manifests itself through the price of a click (CPC or in English PPC, pay per click). The value of this click is arbitrary, meaning you are free to decide how much you will be willing to pay. In any case, to ensure that the ad has a good ranking among the search results, it will also be necessary to combine the advertising campaign with the optimization of the site and organic content so that the search engines (such as Google, Bing ...) give a positive "rating" of your advertisements.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The SEM activities we carry out are aimed at creating effective web marketing campaigns. This method of promotion gives the possibility, through a previous study of the target, to address the communication to users who are really interested in the product / service that your company offers. Even Google's algorithms must be satisfied and we respond to this by identifying the most used keywords in the research phase and relevant to your business. All this must be incorporated into a structured marketing planning with objectives, messages and pre-established tools with the aim of obtaining the maximum return from the investment (the budget you decide on).

Content Marketing and SEO

It is necessary to remember that today users claim their autonomy in problem solving, informing themselves on the internet before taking any action, whether it is filling out a contact form or proceeding with a sale. And this is where content marketing actively works: adopting a communication strategy to attract our target who is constantly looking for information. Relying on experts means focusing on well-organized, relevant and qualitatively satisfactory content, that is, capable of providing clear, original and comprehensive answers. SEO and content marketing practically graze hand in hand, one takes care of positioning websites in the best search engines and results and the other with original content attracts and captures users and potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

Explained in steps, it makes it easier to understand the type of work we adhere to: We establish the objectives to be achieved on social networks, such as how many followers to get in 3 months, how many comments to receive per post and so on. We conduct a social media performance review to create or improve your social media accounts. We monitor industry leaders, competitors and customers to create a content plan and editorial calendar for social media and sponsorships. Finally, we evaluate and adapt your social media marketing plan so that it maintains its efficiency over time.

Email Marketing

The goal is to implement the relationships between the corporate brand and the target audience by sending promotional information and updates on products and services. The contact methods obviously vary according to the nature of the message to be sent, if on the one hand we find communications with customers or professional communications, on the other we will have DEMs and Newsletters. With DEM, direct email marketing, we identify emails sent by a company for advertising purposes; while with Newsletter we mean all the emails sent to the subscribers of a website information service. For example, the articles published on our blog provide for free registration. It is essential in email marketing to establish the frequency of sending emails, the layout, the methods of sending and whether or not to allow iteration with the recipient. Trust us for a more in-depth consultation, we will find the right solution for your business!