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Website Quote and Business Consultancy Quote

How to understand if a web quote or a business consultancy quote is formulated correctly?

Drawing up a reliable quote is often the most delicate process for consulting and development companies, due to the large number of external variables that can affect the costs and delivery times of products and services.

Providing a reliable quote is important for a company's image and we at M&G Consulting know this well. Thanks to our experience, our estimates are always reliable and do not reserve inconvenient extra budget surprises during the work.

Transparency, clarity and reliability are the main factors for establishing a relationship of trust with the customer.

How much does a Business Consultancy cost?

This question has often been asked and the answer lies in the question itself. A consultant should charge as much as he is good at giving solutions. The truth is that based on this concept, all consultants would like to be paid € 200 per hour. Thank goodness this is not the case, but what you have to understand is that you pay for an operating method and the Know How so that what would have been done in months / years of work can be achieved in a few days / weeks.

We at M&G Consulting think clearly and correctly by redistributing costs according to the complexity and amount of work necessary to achieve the objectives requested by the client company. An estimate for Business or Strategic Consultancy, whether for SMEs, Startups and Large Enterprises, is defined in terms of " Hours of work ", starting from a price of € 20.00 / h based on the type of intervention.

Otherwise, estimates for the creation of multimedia, graphic and web material are studied in the body and developed ad hoc based on requests.

How much does a website cost?

Many people ask us, “How much does a website cost? How much do I have to spend on the development of an E-Commerce? " The answer to this question lies in the fact that a Website is hypothetically the business card of any business, just as an E-commerce can be seen as the virtual shop of the business. We all know how important it is to give a good impression of yourself at the first meeting with a customer or how important it is to have a shop located in a very busy place, ad hoc furnished and with trained staff that welcomes customers. So we can say this: How much are these factors worth for you as an entrepreneur?

The expense for the development of a Web Site or an E-commerce becomes onerous the more it is studied in detail and has functions developed specifically for the customer, they are present. It is as if we were asking a designer to design bespoke and innovative furniture, specifically for your shop. "Absurd!" some would say, but reality has shown us that the Brand Identity exists, exactly like when you enter Apple and only at the sight of the furniture do you understand that you are exactly in that store.

Here are some features to consider when developing a website:

  • Page creation (domain purchase and hosting space creation)

  • Creation of copy texts (i.e. original and attractive to customers)

  • Revision of the texts in a marketing key (Push the customer to perform the purchase, registration, etc.)

  • SEO for indexing

  • Study of the positioning of texts on the page, of their fonts, size and colors

  • Care of static graphics (photos, logos, vector images, etc.)

  • Care of the dynamic part of the website (motion, video, etc.)

  • Web page advertising and marketing campaigns.

To conclude and answer the most anxious we can say that the Websites start from € 200.00 to go up depending on the complexity of the structure.

Why choose M&G Consulting?

We have been operating in the consulting market for several years now. We have continued to update and train ourselves in order to provide better and more complete services in all business areas. Because we know how important it is for you to realize yourself and being able to rely on a company that is able to support a company at every stage of its life is perhaps the best support that can be provided. We believe that all ideas should have the opportunity to be developed.

We work closely with our customers because we know how important it is to grow and learn as well as have external companies do the work.

Together we will devise your Brand Identity, that is the identity of your company that will be reflected and respected everywhere. We will integrate it into your products and services, we will take care of the web, SEO, SEM, marketing and management fields. But we can do much more! The study of an excellent marketing strategy to enter a market or to defend yourself from the competition, with our strategic support you will be able to control every internal and external variable.

Our business consultancy will be the tool with which you will reach your goals. We deeply believe in the client and consultant / professional relationship and we focus a lot on this added value! We believe in the value of keeping a client as long as possible and not taking him for a single project, because consulting is not a simple passage of know-how, apathetically dispensed, but rather an execution of required tasks, a teaching of steps and operating procedures. , a natural passage of method. problem analysis and resolution. We can enclose our philosophy in a few simple words: Experience, professionalism, competence, honesty and transparency.

Our focus is centered on completing the project with the maximum possible result because only by achieving the objectives you have requested will it be possible to gain your trust.

Request a quote for web services or consultancy, one of our staff will contact you to take the time so that you can better explain your project. Remember, with us the first consultation is free! Take advantage of them to better understand your needs!

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