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Subsidized Finance

Subsidized finance for businesses: public grants and tax breaks

​The subsidized finance makes use of various types of subsidies. We can divide them into non-repayable grants (or capital grants), subsidized loans (or interest rate grants), guarantee interventions, tax credits and tax incentives.

Subsidized finance for businesses: what types of subsidies you can have

Although there is no official definition of subsidized finance, we can say that it is the set of financial instruments used by the legislator at EU, national, regional or local level to intervene in favor of the competitiveness and development of businesses. M&G Consulting offers qualified support for the research and compilation of regional calls made available by the Italian State.

  • Capital grants: The so-called "non-repayable fund", calculated as a percentage of eligible expenses; there is no repayment of principal or interest payments.

  • Interest subsidies and subsidized loans: Reduction of interest or granting of loans on favorable terms.

  • Interventions under guarantee: This involves the granting of guarantees from public funds.

  • Tax credits and tax incentives: These are tax breaks that allow you to offset tax debts, reducing taxes due.

Who can access the state and regional calls?

Directors of micro and small companies

Local businesses
as a store of various kinds such as restaurants, cocktail bars, beauty salons, etc.

Of any scope as long as the project has the right requirements to be financed

Administrative directors
of medium-sized companies with more complex needs, such as the expansion of a specific business branch

Recently established innovative start-ups and start-ups (less than 48 months)

Subjects with only one project in the pipeline without being owners of firms or companies. By accessing the announcement it will be possible to establish the company in progress.

We find many concrete opportunities for you by analyzing business feasibility and looking for calls that best accommodate the proposed initiative!

More than € 3.2 billion are distributed every year, many of which are non-repayable, including contributions and concessions to companies with registered offices in Italy;


Our support for your project!

Everything you need.

We provide concrete support to entrepreneurs and companies wishing to access financing, business concessions, lost funds, by participating in public tenders. A consultant will assist you in choosing the best request to pursue for your business, will draw up the documentation you need to forward the practices, and will advise you in the second phase until the funds are reached.

Consulente Startup

Preliminary checkup of the project or business


Forwarding of the application and of the documentation prepared to the bodies in charge

Consulente Start Up

Fund identification
appropriate and appropriate to your situation.

Consulente Imprese

Technical and operational support at all stages of the process. 

Consulenza Start up

Preparation of the documentation necessary for the request

Consulenza Imprese

Receipt of funds and loans  for your project!