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SME consulting

Consulting company for small and medium-sized enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises are organisms that are naturally led to grow. However, it is necessary to know how to push them in the correct direction and above all give the right push so that they can develop quickly. We have services specifically designed for SMEs with Coaching , Temporary Management , Management Control, Management Consulting and Trade Marketing. We support Small Medium Enterprises in Digital development as well as in Operations.

Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Consultancy

Our consulting support pushes you towards the future.

SMEs make up 92% of the entrepreneurial fabric in Italy with a turnover of over 2,000 billion. Digitization remains the weak point of these 5.2 million businesses, which are retreating compared to the rest of the world and use obsolete and often inefficient systems. M&G Consulting intervenes in support of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises who find themselves in the position of having to quickly manage processes of evolution and / or change.
Based in Milan, we operate throughout Italy to allow companies, startups and professional firms to improve and develop their business. We provide consultancy support and assist small and medium enterprises in business development.

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The Lean method to support small and medium enterprises


Cognitive phase and internal analysis

Quick to understand and analyze internal company dynamics, identifying inefficiencies and problems.


Process optimization and implementation

Optimization of procedures for achieving results. This is the phase where our consultants make their know-how available to the company and implement what is necessary.


Definition and elaboration of objectives

We define the objectives that the entrepreneur intends to achieve, any budget and timing. With our support you will define the right goal to achieve based on time and budget.


Achievement of goals

Pursuit of results with dedication and professionalism. For us, a satisfied customer is the one who manages to get what he wants.

Support for SMEs

Discover the services we offer to small and medium-sized enterprises to develop their business.

Business Plan

Implement a 3-5 year Business Plan to introduce the culture of strategic planning into the company over several years. Fundamental for Start-Ups.

Definition of commercial policies and trade marketing activities for the development of turnover and the achievement of objectives.

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Trade Marketing

Management control

Implementation of a management control system and drafting of the annual budget and income statement for the period. Analyze to grow your business.

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Business organization

Support the entrepreneur in understanding which organization is the most effective today, manage and motivate employees to maximize results.

Temporary Management

We provide our client companies with qualified managerial resources quickly and support them in the search for highly specialized and qualified figures.

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Entrepreneur Coaching  

Strengthen the entrepreneur's leadership, improve the company's climate, motivate the team, focus the group on common goals.

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Consulting to SMEs with the M&G method

Our business consulting consists of working closely with the entrepreneur and his team. We are quick to understand the business dynamics because we want to propose effective and immediately practicable solutions as soon as possible.

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