Consulenza aziendale strategica Grandi I

Large Business Consulting

Support for Large Enterprises and Public Administration

We support large companies both in operations such as Taskforce , Temporary Management , Corporate Restructuring and Procedure Implementation , and in the Web Marketing sector with support for marketing strategies, revision of communication costs and internal systems.
Studio M&G Consulting works alongside structured companies belonging to the world of industry, services and public administration.

Large Business and Public Administration Consultancy

We accelerate the development process

Large companies make up a small percentage of the total number of companies present on the Italian territory but nevertheless generate a turnover equal to half of that produced by all national SMEs. The power of large companies (GI) and public realities can be traced back to market analysis, marketing plans , strategy for increasing sales, process optimization , development of new products / services and control .
Large companies turn to us as experts for support in developing marketing plans, coaching, management support, management consulting as we operate according to different logics and dynamics than those belonging to the company.

Support for Large Enterprises GI

Discover the services we offer to large companies for the development of their business.

Implement a 3-5 year Business Plan to introduce the culture of strategic planning into the company over several years. Fundamental for Start-Ups.

Management Consulting

Implementation of a management control system and drafting of the annual budget and income statement for the period. Analyze to grow your business.

Business organization

Support the entrepreneur in understanding which organization is most effective today, manage and motivate employees to maximize results.

Temporary Management

We provide our client companies with qualified managerial resources quickly and support them in the search for highly specialized and qualified figures.
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Operation Management

Strengthen the entrepreneur's leadership, improve the company's climate, motivate the team, focus the group on common goals.



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Large companies in the new millennium

Business Consulting the model for large companies

The consultant's vision has always been that of a professional and highly specialized figure, external to the company, who could work and dedicate 100% of himself to the success of a project. What is certain to date are the benefits of consulting, as in addition to having a know-how and a workforce of great experts, you are free from a subordinate employee contract and this leads the company not to assume obligations and debts. What has always been clear to large companies is the benefit that is derived from operations of this nature.

Certainly at the beginning there is an act of mutual trust at the base where the professional is not sure of being able to achieve the intended objective or of being paid for his service which will in any case be provided in advance while the company would not want to spend any money without reaching your goal. The solutions reside in target contracts. That is, the steps to achieve the objectives and the necessary times are defined, at this point the fee can be composed of a fixed part and a part linked to the objectives, or totally focused on achieving the objectives. If at the expiry of the monthly salary the objective is not pursued, the payment cannot be requested or only the fixed fixed amount will be due.