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Business Consulting and Web Marketing Services in Milan

Web Agency and Strategic Consulting Firm in Milan

Are you looking for a Consulting and Web Agency Firm that can follow your company or promising StartUp in Milan? You have come to the right place! M&G Consulting will follow you from  Business Consulting ,  Marketing  o Strategic up to the implementation of your projects with implementation of marketing policies, developing Web sites , SEO , SEM  and creation of the  Logo in Milan and throughout the national and international territory.

M&G Consulting Milan

​M&G Consulting is a Business Consulting Firm in Milan and a Web Agency in Milan  specialized in national and international web projects with a strong propensity to develop complex communication projects with a high conversion rate.

If you are looking for a studio that can follow you from the management, financial field to the Web and Design part in Milan to help you position your project in the market and promote the business through real and concrete actions, then you are in the right place. We take care of assisting companies from the strategic and managerial field to web marketing support with Marketing Strategies , Website Development, Search Engine Positioning ( SEO ) and the development of a Logo and Brand Identity.

Business Consulting and Digital Marketing Services in Milan

Define your own brand identity, differentiate yourself from competitors and consolidate it through the appropriate tools. Originality and simplicity first of all!

Search for new investors

Run properly and truly control your business. We will support you and help you achieve your goals!

Let your potential customers find you on the web and consolidate current relationships! Social marketing, Email Markenting, SEO, SEM and much more. M&G consulting will make everything quick and easy!

The  generational handover of a family business  it is a special moment for the activity of a company. Often in fact i  generational transitions  they are long and difficult, affecting the operational quality of the company.

The website is your business card for customers and suppliers. Keep up with the times and choose an innovative and design structure for your website.

Realization of effective and unique Pitch and Business Plan. Find new lenders and request funds for your projects from banks and investment companies with structured and effective business plans, financial plans and pitches

The creation of your own Logo, brand is essential for the success of your business. Unique and original design to stand out from competitors

Position yourself among the first results on search engines. You appear in organic searches for keywords that are relevant to your business.

Study your competitors and find out how to defend yourself from their attacks. Anticipate their marketing moves and don't get caught unprepared.

Support to Top Management to achieve company objectives. We can create a Task Force of Specialized Consultants who will assist you as long as needed.

The generational change of a company is a particular moment for the activity of a company. Regardless of whether the transition takes place to third parties or to a family member, it is always a delicate moment.

Migliore studio consulenza web agency

99% of our customers are satisfied!

M&G is a consultancy firm and a Web Agency that aims to follow the business cycle 360 degrees, with professionals and internal resources at all stages of the project.
We are specialists in creating value for businesses.

Thanks to our experience and passion we have been able to always achieve the best for our customers even when companies were in the most delicate phases of their life cycle.






strategia aziendale a milano

Preliminary checkup of the business context.

Società consulenza strategica a milano

Application of new business strategies

Consulenza aziendale a Milano

Documentation collection.
Definition of strengths and weaknesses

consulenza direzionale a milano

Technical and operational support at all stages of the process

Consulenza Strategica Milano

Research and evaluation  of the new strategic objectives

consulenza marketing a milano

Coordination and achievement of objectives

Studio di Consulenza Aziendale Web Agency Milano MEG Consulenze Milano M&G Consulting Milan

All in One!

Business Consulting in Milan

M&G Consulting is established as a professional consulting firm. Business Consulting, Web Marketing and Digital Profile.

If you are looking for a consultancy for your company that covers all aspects of your business, from support to management, strategic study, marketing consultancy, development of a web image, in Milan, then you are in the right place!  

We offer Business Consulting services  and strategic, Digital Marketing , development  Web sites  and SEO in Milan and on the national territory

Our business consulting services are aimed at companies that are in the "life cycle" phases  birth, development, maturity, decline or revival.
One solution for everything! Business plan and strategic planning, financial management, analysis and development of products / services and optimization of business processes.

Web Agency Milano

We deal with web marketing strategies in order to acquire new potential customers, our goal is to increase the turnover of our customers by reaching new users, with proven engagement and funnel techniques, able to guarantee results.

We offer SEO positioning on the first page on Google and we take care of effective communication strategies, choosing the best technologies and the best channels for the promotion of brands. Choose M&G Consulting as a strategic Partner to grow your company and online presence with Web Marketing and Social activities.


SEO optimization Milan


Problems with the Strategy  SEO ? 

Bringing a website to be among the first in Google searches in Milan is not easy at all, it requires many hours of work a week on SEO with research and study of fundamental keywords, analysis of user behavior and writing copy texts. With us you can forget about all this and just watch your website rank higher in search engines. By relying on us you will optimize time and resources.

Digital Marketing is the branch of marketing that focuses on digital communication to promote products and services.

Knowing how to communicate with your customers in the correct way and with the right tools is the first step to be successful on the web.

For this we will support you in the development of a Brand Identity , a Website , E-commerce and Social Campaigns  for products and services.

Web Agency in Milan! Do we place websites in the top search results?

Web Agency in Milan

Creation of Logo and Brand Identity in Milan

The study and creation of a Logo or Brand Identity requires time and research and we at M&G Consulting know this well.  

Being able to transform the corporate spirit, the character that distinguishes you, the uniqueness into a symbol / image , all in a harmonious and coherent way is often not easy. For our expert designers they can help you create the logo you have always wanted and that will distinguish you in the market from your competitors.

If you have an idea of Brand Identity or a logo and you want to give it shape, Ask for a free quote!

Agency of  Communication
in Milan

Creating value with Content Marketing strategies

We will improve the income of your business through content designed and targeted for the target audience you want to reach. Once the marketing strategy to be adopted has been established, the "message" will be published through the most suitable and effective channels. 
Our Marketing C onsulence is aimed at creating a strategy based on original and valuable content, which can be published for free on your channels (SEO marketing), or use specific tools given by search engines such as Google, Bing. and Yandex, to sponsor your products and services in the city of Milan
Our consultants will assist you from the beginning to the end of this process, making sure you have achieved the desired results: improving online visibility;  increase the number of conversions in leads; improvement of the corporate image.

consulenza aziendale milano

Strategic and Marketing Consulting Services in Milan

Strategic consultancy in the market and on the Web in Milan

Our business consulting services are intended for small and medium-sized businesses in Milan and beyond. We provide support activities on any business aspect you want to improve efficiency: from the initial phase with the drafting of the business plan , the feasibility study  and strategic planning , at the advanced stage with the optimization of business processes, the management of the company budget and analysis and evaluation of products and services

Do you want to know more about the advantages of consulting for your business? If you were looking for experts on business consultancy, support in Digital Marketing and outsourcing services in Milan and surroundings, you've come to the right site!

We at M&G Consulting provide Business and Management Consulting services, consultancy on  Digital marketing and Brand Identity,  Website Development  And  E-commerce .

Our main office is in Milan, but we actively operate throughout the country by collaborating with companies located in the main Italian cities: Rome, Bologna, Genoa, Turin, Florence and Venice. To date, the distances are zero, but in addition to telephone interviews we are well prepared for live meetings or video chats. 

We support Milanese companies for a strategic positioning in the market

Business Consulting Firm in Milan