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"Defining in an activity or project what one's mission, vision and values is, sanctions its actual beginning. Brand Identity is nothing more than the Corporate Identity of your business, which is socially recognized through the products and / or services that are appointed. "

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Much more than just a Logo



The success of a Brand arises from the interchange between Corporate Brand Identity and Brand Image , that is the identity that the company wants to communicate and the image that the public perceives.

The elements with which to communicate the identity of a company are many and all important in order to create a real identity:

  • Designation : creation of the name of the company, product or service;

  • Logo : design of a brand with an original design;

  • Colors : consistent choice of a "palette" of colors in line with the corporate identity idea;

  • Font : use of one or more characters or design of a new font;

  • Iconography : design of an icon system suitable for the corporate identity (logo, colors and fonts);

  • Images : choice of images and their treatment;

  • Graphic tone of voice : the way in which images, texts, colors, graphic treatments make up the communication materials.

  • materials : business cards, electronic signature, flyers, gadgets ...

By taking care of every single aspect you will come to create an excellent Brand Experience for your customers who will remember you for all those distinctive characters.


Much more than just a Logo

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The characteristics of an effective Brand Identity


Contrary to the pure meaning of the term simplicity, often the work that is hidden to obtain it, is anything but simple. Simplicity is the basis of all concepts and products and it is from there that entire projects, ideas and inspirations develop, and that's where you make up for when you feel lost without a course to follow. In today's world we tend to greatly complicate concepts to make them original but its presence remains the basis. Finding it is only the beginning.

"Simplicity is not at all simple" - Cit. Charlie Chaplin.


The awareness of knowing that you are unique. Each of us is distinguished from the others by certain characteristics and this also happens in the business world. Uniqueness is a fundamental character that is often underestimated. Even when in the market we find two companies offering similar products and services, they often have distinctive characteristics that have been studied ad hoc, and which allow them to grab a certain slice of market demand. uniqueness lies not only in the material aspect but also in the area of sensations and emotions.  


Term deriving from the Latin: cohaerens - composed of "co-" together and "haerere" to be attached , that is, to be well together. Bringing coherence into the business does not only mean reflecting every concept equally in all parts of the company but it also means creating harmony and balance in the concepts. Transferring and reproducing them in various business areas is the most important and difficult aspect.