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Were you looking for an SEO agency ? We offer SEO consulting and manage their web projects on behalf of our clients. M&G Consulting is the agency that will offer you valid positioning strategies on search engines and

Why SEO is important

Rank high on search engines

SEO is the practice of repositioning content on search engines . An SEO strategy is used to identify the most effective and fastest methods to quickly reach high search indexes. It is an indispensable practice for all those who generate any type of content for the web. An SEO Consultant is the specialist who can define what is blocking your search engine advancement and fix it. In a short time, users will increase and consequently customers.

SEO for Professionals, SMEs and Large Enterprises

The SEO consulting is recommended for all those   companies   who intend to increase the visibility of the website by placing it among the top search results. Implementing an SEO strategy that allows you to increase site visits is not easy, especially since you have to dedicate time and study . Our experts will relieve you of this task by carrying out activities aimed at increasing organic traffic on Google and improving the efficiency of the site in the conversion phase.

M&G Consulting based in Milan operates throughout the national territory , advising various companies in various sectors. Our SEO experts, by channeling traffic and conversions, will increase your visibility of your website and therefore the objectives of your business.

SEO consultancy

M&G Consulting works by designing a strategic track to follow starting with an in-depth analysis of your business, the products and services you offer, your competitors on the web and the critical issues on your site. We study every move to offer a privileged positioning in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) guaranteeing satisfactory results both in terms of visits and conversions.

We issue customized quotes meeting your needs and the budget you want to allocate for this level leap. The times that characterize an SEO consultancy are variable and strictly linked to the reading and indexing of the contents of your website by the search engine.

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Key points of an SEO consultancy

SEO and Optimization Strategy

An unclear concept to many

Not sure what is meant by " content optimization "? If you prefer to have clearer ideas about the potential that a good positioning of your website on search engines offers, we recommend that you learn more by reading some of our articles . If something is not clear and you want clarification, contact us or leave a comment, we will gladly answer!

SEO optimization

Here are the factors that affect SEO

A good website optimization is given by a set of web marketing strategies including the SEO, Search Engine Optimization . Good SEO guarantees an increase in organic traffic and consequently a privileged position among the search results of Google or other search engines. We at M&G Consulting provide for the optimal restructuring of the multimedia, video and written contents of your website, increasing the number of visitors and converting users into customers.

So, what are the macro areas to take care of to optimize SEO?

We can say that now with the current Google algorithms improving SEO is no longer so easy but we always remember that at the base of everything, the algorithm has as its ultimate goal to optimize the user experience. So to do well you need to aim for quality for users:

  • Number of Visits (Clicks)

  • Time spent by users on the Website

  • Usability of the site

  • Quick loading of the Website

  • Originality of written and multimedia contents

  • Link Building On-Site and Off-Site

  • Social content and direct and indirect interactions

  • Use of appropriate search engine positioning tools

  • Position yourself on the web Blog

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How soon do you see the results of the SEO Consultancy?

Being able to get good results with SEO is not always immediate. Sometimes it can take a few months but obviously everything revolves around the situation of the project when it is taken over, As you can imagine, the more the situation is critical and above all the bigger the project, the longer the time frame to be able to see effects.

However, let us always remember that it is not only a question of the work by the agency but also of the technical times of Google and of the search engines.

Writing of copy texts for blog articles

We write original and engaging texts for your blog.

Social optimization and management

We take care of your public web profiles, create valuable content for your users and interact with them.

Checking for negative backlinks for SEO

We check for negative backlinks and remove them. A single negative Backlink can ruin all your SEO work

Creating content of interest and sharing

SEO positioning is also achieved thanks to users. Create interesting and engaging content

Traffic analysis and lead monitoring

Remarketing and E-mail marketing

24/7 Assistance and Support

Positioning and link building

We monitor and study user behavior by defining a correct SEO strategy.

With Remarketing and E-mail marketing you will reach all those who are really interested in your business.

Our assistance is 24/7, We all know that the market never stops.

We take care of the formation of a healthy link building with white hat SEO techniques.

Hard work always pays off

The first consultation is FREE ! You can talk to one of our consultants without any commitment to find out more about what we can offer you