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Digital Marketing Professionals

Our Web Agency specializes in Web Marketing . We support professionals , StartUps , SMEs and Large Enterprises in the implementation of Marketing strategy.
M&G Consulting as a Digital Agency is based in Milan and offers services throughout Italy. Our job involves finding digital solutions to your requests; we create websites, ecommerce, we identify your corporate identity, we give advice in marketing and digital strategies, all to achieve your goals.

We develop captivating and unique graphics to highlight the elements of uniqueness in your products and services.

We provide you with Strategic Support for your Marketing Campaigns on social platforms and on the web.

We develop SEO, SEM, E-mail Marketing strategies and much more. Gets better

your positioning on search engines compared to your competitors.

Discover the best communication method to interact with your customers.

News Letters, Blogs, Social Profiles, Mail Campaigns .

Web communication

Find the communication key to interact with your customers.

News Letters, Blogs, Social Profiles, Mail Campaigns .

Discover the best communication method to interact with your customers.

News Letters, Blogs, Social Profiles, Mail Campaigns .

What is Digital Marketing?

Areas of intervention of Digital Marketing

If you have searched for Digital Marketing, let's imagine you know all the macro areas that are contained under this super-inflated word and that everyone is talking about. Digital Marketing is a marketing sector that has been created in recent years and that is specializing and expanding more and more because it is aimed at users via the web precisely. Always remember that the ultimate goal of marketing is to SELL a PRODUCT or SERVICE. Some strategies may apparently aim at other objectives but the ultimate goal is always the sale and growth of the Brand . Digital Marketing includes under its great wing:

  • E-mail Marketing: News Letter and Reserved Discounts,

  • Web Site Development - E-commerce Development

  • Video clips and audio for Web - Radio - Tv advertising

  • Content Marketing

  • Brand Identity

  • SEO strategy

  • SEM strategy

  • Analysis and Strategy

  • Logo creation

We are structured in four macro areas: Social Media Marketing, Web Design & SEO, SEM, and Project Financing . We have always identified the best communication and promotion tools available on the market, to create the most effective web marketing strategies. We structure them tailored for you , based on the objectives we set ourselves and the means available, obtaining the maximum possible results in the shortest time.

M&G a young Digital Agency

The Digital Marketer's activity includes all SEO and SEM (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing) activities but also includes specific skills related to online tools and tools such as Google AdWords , Analytics and Search Console . Among the various knowledge, our experts deal with Content Marketing , E-mail marketing , Lead Generation and various forms of web marketing consultancy.
Digital Marketing is important for any kind of business: whether it operates through traditional or online sales strategies. For businesses that offer physical services or products, perhaps in shops or agencies, Digital Marketing is an effective method of expanding the range of action of the company business, an additional channel capable of bringing greater profit to the company. If the business activity takes place purely online it is clear that the importance of adopting effective strategies becomes a necessary condition for the growth of your business, just think of Ecommerce, which do not have a physical store and need to attract digital customers easily and consistent.

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Business Consulting and Digital Marketing

M&G Consulting is a consulting company both from the point of view of business and managerial consultancy and from the point of view of digital marketing . We are an experienced Business Consulting and C ommunication . Specialized in the study, design, development and creation of websites   optimized positioning service Web sites of Google , SEM   and all search engines. We are also an SEO Milan agency   specialized in Web Marketing and SEO Consulting starting from Web design or restyling of existing websites, graphics and blogs for the web , study and creation of brands and logos , internet services. E-commerce creation and mobile site development, commercials production and corporate video creation. Business and Strategic Consulting, study and development of new products for companies and Lean Think users. Support for Startups , SMEs and Large Enterprises

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