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Strategic Consulting Company

As a Strategic Consulting Firm , we know well the market of the consulting world and the big competition with which we have to interface and this is the reason that pushes us to be the best and to learn, train and update ourselves constantly. What the past has shown us is that behind a good idea there must be an equally good professional ability capable of directing you towards a promising path for your company.

Strategic Consulting Company

Choose our management control experts

M&G Consulting is a Strategic Consulting company based in Milan, and thanks to the effectiveness of our consultants who work throughout the national territory we are able to reach every place. The entrepreneurs who turn to us are at the head of large companies but also of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) .

Those who choose M&G Consulting immediately understand that the intervention carried out is not reduced to an arrangement of what is not right and a goodbye. Our consulting company also acts when the parameters of the company are positive and constant, to monitor and strengthen even more your work and that of your colleagues.
Our job is to identify critical issues even where hidden and not visible and to prevent them in order to solve them and teach each entrepreneur the appropriate methodology, so that he can continue in total autonomy and safety.

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Strategic decisions

Define and implement a business strategy

The strategic planning process presents several pitfalls for the less experienced, which are hidden behind banal thinking. When we define the main points for perfect planning, we must always try not to answer each other in a superficial and trivial way, on the contrary we should always try to deepen every aspect as much as possible:

  • Who are our final customers?
  • What are the products / services we intend to offer?
  • What competitive advantage do you need to have? (what characteristics are needed to be able to define a competitive advantage)
  • What are the characteristics of the company? (what makes the company unique and special)

The Strategic Consultant

Strategic support for M&G Consulting companies

The Strategic Consultant must perform an analysis, aimed at identifying areas for improvement, both of the company's position in the market and its profitability. This is why the evaluation is complex and delicate:

  • Complex, as it requires integrated evaluations of countless aspects.
  • Delicate, since the result could also lead to the revolution of the company structure.
Method and experience play a fundamental role, as they allow you to collect correct information quickly for the preparation of a good diagnosis.

We at M&G Consulting have a lot of experience in this sector and we know how to proceed to obtain excellent results. Relying on experts will help optimize time and costs as well as increase the chances of success of the strategy. Request a Free Quote now.

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Business, Management and Strategic consulting services

Business Consulting

We support you and direct you to the resolution of business problems. M&G Consulting consultants are at your complete disposal.

Business Plan

We draw up an excellent Business and Financial Plan for your company. This is the first step in finding lenders and understanding the steps to follow in order not to slow down the development of your project.

Lean Thinking

We implement a business process optimization plan for you, allowing you to improve performance, increasing internal security, control and reducing costs.

Management control

Professional management consulting. We support and direct the company management to the resolution of business problems.

Temporary Manager

We provide our client companies with qualified managerial resources quickly and support them in the search for highly specialized and qualified figures.

Executive Manager

We have teams of professionals ready to work in support of the company to support it in the research and training project of internal management.

Generational change

M&G Consulting consultants and experts to support this particularly delicate phase. Complete the generational shift easily.

M&A - Merger & Acquisition

Business acquisition and merger. Our consultants are at your complete disposal in these delicate phases. From the purchase offer to the integration of sectors between the various companies.

Corporate Restructuring

In this particularly delicate phase you will be supported by our consultants to review every single aspect of your business and complete the corporate restructuring

Free estimate Business, Strategic and Management Consulting, request now!

Strategy and Management

The importance of Management in defining the Strategy

The strategy is a path that the Management decides to undertake and which has an effect in the medium / long term. It is equally true that the strategy does not always have a positive effect, sometimes after countless efforts it is not possible to achieve the desired result.

To minimize the likelihood of failure it is good to follow some fundamental points regarding decisions:

  • They must come only from "Top Management", that is, from those who have a real interest in the development of the company and who know where they want to go.
  • Analyze the possible directions of the market, therefore of competitors and customers, in order to base the strategy on solid foundations.
  • hypothesize more scenarios about the future to be ready
  • Implementing multiple strategies, if possible, diversifies the business risk.
The application of these critical points requires a considerable effort and commitment on the part of the company and above all a considerable use of internal resources so as to lead it to request the intervention of external task forces to follow these projects. We have often been involved in this kind of operations with excellent results. The use of external consultants has significant benefits in terms of profitability of the strategy and from the psychological point of view of employees and management.