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Are you looking for a Consulting Firm and Web Agency that can create effective solutions for your online business? M&G Consulting will follow you from the reaction of your E-commerce site to Strategic Marketing Consulting SEO, SEM up to the realization of your business goals in digital.

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M&G Consulting is practical in creating e-commerce sites for every sector on the market: food, fashion, technology, accessories and gadgets, objects for the home… Our services are adaptable and customized for your every request. We specialize in creating e-commerce sites developed on Shopify, Wix Stores, Woo Commerce, Magento and PrestaShop.

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Whether your company sells objects or services for other companies, we guarantee that the creation of a professional, unique and detailed e-commerce site will be our priority in the design phase. The online sales site that will bring you more profits is good that, in addition to being beautiful and practical, it maintains an excellent position on search engines and is visible to users who search for your products or services. Having an effective, functional sales tool that above all appears among the first search results will guarantee an increasing enrichment of your business over time. Get advice from professionals in the sector, reduce investment waste and save time and resources by optimizing your internal business processes.

Complete E-Commerce from A to Z

At least 90% of users on the web search for a product, service, gift or company. So being in the top search results means selling more and more easily. The design of the e-commerce site, the browsing and shopping experience will be equally important for the user to become, over time, a loyal customer. This is what we offer: elegance and efficiency


We offer complete e-commerce sites designed specifically for your business. The management of the catalogs will be intuitive, quick and functional. Products divided into categories, complex filtering, offers and discounts are some of the features provided in the e-commerce designed by us. We also foresee the integration of data monitoring systems with relative visibility statistics by category and sales by product.


Whether it is an e-commerce for fashion products, food or objects of any kind, we develop pages with a coherent, beautiful and captivating graphic interface to retain, entertain and lead your customers to purchase. The product pages will show curated images and related descriptions to satisfy the curiosity of potential buyers.


The e-commerce we design provide optimal solutions for the management of orders and payments. In addition to the implementation of payment gateways, the main ones being Paypal and Stripe, we can integrate alternative payment methods based on your requests: bank transfer, payment on delivery, platforms capable of operating with the major banking circuits that allow payments. with credit and debit cards.


The possibility to pay in different currencies is given by the approximate geolocation of the user. Online sales sites are generally able to identify at least the country of origin by automatically associating the currency and the VAT value, without counting any discounts or different shipping costs. So giving customers the opportunity to pay according to the currency of their country is the best way to offer a valid and complete service.


Our e-commerce are created with the foundations already prepared to support more languages in addition to the default one. If selling abroad is envisaged by your business, it will be good to have an online sales site visible by foreign search engines. Translating the site texts, tags, meta tags and everything related to SEO will give your e-commerce a greater competitive advantage both on Italian and foreign search engines.


We can integrate gifts, discounts and promotions through defined logics such as: a discount (percentage or not) of selected products or free shipping exceeding a certain value or even giving some products as a gift following the purchase of certain products. As already happens in many e-commerce (see Amazon), we foresee the integration of up-selling and cross-selling strategies, to induce the customer to buy more than he would need (case 1) or show him what could be related buy (case 2)

Basic SEO

In each e-commerce platform a basic SEO preparation will be devised to obtain the first data relating to indexing on search engines. To obtain better indexing, it will therefore be necessary to generate traffic on the site in a format that facilitates the exchange of data. In other words, we organize the text and multimedia contents of the e-commerce site so that it can be easily found by users. This step will be necessary to increase the visibility of your e-commerce

Marketing and strategy

It is important to increase your business to give maximum visibility to the products for sale on the e-commerce platform by exploiting every marketing tool with strategy and knowledge. If desired, we will insert your products in price comparison portals to give the site greater visibility in the search results. We will also take advantage of the features of social networks by linking the published posts to the relevant product pages or even recreating a small shop within your social account.

Data Security

Security is essential to ensure the success of an e-commerce. First of all, the site must be made immune from any malware, backdoors or spambots. M&G Consulting guarantees a high standard of security for the website, e-commerce and land page it creates. We make it impossible to hack data starting from SSL certification, various psw and making periodic backups of sensitive data and info.

Reports and Statistics

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Detailed statistics and reporting: display of total sales, average shopping cart value over the established time frame, orders placed by product, average stock availability and stock, value of payment system commissions and so on. In addition to sales infographics related to e-commerce through specific web tools, web analysis tools, the behavior of users within the site is monitored: how much time remains, what they are looking for, what they are informed about and much more. So in addition to having full control over the progress of the business, you will be able to accurately outline the profile of your ideal customer, thus giving you a way to perfection your communication strategy.

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In recent years, online businesses have dramatically increased their value, offering products and services that are easily accessible and accessible to the general public. Therefore it is essential to have an efficient digital tool to compete on an equal footing with the competition. E-commerce refers to the marketing of goods and services, a digital exchange between supplier and consumer and given the ease with which consumers search for products and services, it will be good for you to ensure an advantage over the competition by making use of this powerful web sales tool. . It is not important what type of business you have, but it is essential to diversify your profits with different sales channels, so that your business grows and thrives.

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