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M&G Consulting creates professional Landing Pages for professionals, SMEs and Large Companies operating in every sector: fashion, food, technology, industry, etc. Together we will create a functional and personalized web page for you and at the same time we will develop a correct marketing strategy, including basic SEO consultancy to launch your Landing Page on the web with sprint.

Business Consulting and Digital Marketing Services

If you are looking for someone who can guide you in the creation of the website for your company keeping faith with his identity and your tastes, you have come to the right site. We take care of assisting companies from the graphic and structural creation of the Landing Page to the drafting of copy texts with web marketing support and marketing strategies , to give effectiveness to your website by improving the positioning on search engines.

The ultimate goal of this page will be to increase the number of conversions, that is, to bring the greatest number of visitors to become customers. With the support of advertising and sponsorships combined with a correct marketing strategy you will see a real increase in your business profits.

Why rely on experts to create Landing Pages

What enables a landing page to fulfill its purpose, which is to attract new customers? The answer is neither unique nor simple. Following the thread of the discussion made so far, the elements you will need are: a funnel marketing strategy, clear and captivating contents and an ad-hoc structured Landing Page.


If you believe that it is enough to create a web page and sponsor it on the internet, you are VERY WRONG!


The web agency represents the agglomeration of different web disciplines such as development, web design, graphic design and web marketing consultancy. All together works in order to provide an efficient and impeccable service. If you want to excel you will have to rely on someone who knows what to do!

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Customers are everything your business needs to thrive. Retaining your customers and finding new ones is the primary goal of a well-structured Landing Page

Creating corporate Landing Pages is essential for all those who intend to give visibility to their company on the internet. These web pages are an essential piece for acquiring new customers and above all they support the strategic marketing plan that will allow you to communicate in a clear, coherent and captivating way with your target audience. Without a web solution like this, it will be difficult if not impossible for you to expand your business.

So the Landing page is the web tool needed to convert visitors into potential customers, also to ensure that this web page is visible it is important to implement an effective web marketing strategy that will favor the increase of visits to your site.

When to create a Corporate Landing Page

Designed and built solely to attract the visitor and convince him to choose the uniqueness of your product rather than that of your competitors.

To position itself well on the market and counter the advance of competitors, the corporate Landing Page plays a crucial role in this regard.

As already expressed, to obtain conversions it is important that the website traffic is directed as in a funnel (Imbound Marketing) towards the purchase of the proposed product or service, and this must be done quickly and easily.

The adoption of an Imbound Marketing strategy consists in creating your own sales funnel (funnel = funnel) that directs the web user through advertisements, announcements and sponsorships to visit your Landing Page. If your capture tool is well structured, you will get great conversions and therefore new customers.

Relying on M&G Consulting, obtaining this result will be a piece of cake!

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What is an LP?

M&G Consulting has established itself as a professional Web Agency. Consulting, design, Web Marketing and Digital Development.

An effective Landing Page is nothing more than a web page that collects information on products / services, testimonials and comments from satisfied customers, team skills and references and last but not least a Call to Action, literally a "call to action" which allows to establish direct dialogue between the visitor and the Company.

We reiterate that the Landing Page must be combined with targeted marketing campaigns regardless of whether they are paid (SEA campaigns, emails ...) or free such as content optimization (SEO traffic).

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Our Web Agency services are intended for companies that want to expand their business on the web regardless of the business phase in which they are: birth, development, maturity or relaunch.
One solution for everything! Website creation, restyling, strategic planning, product / service analysis and marketing and communication consultancy

Nothing is impossible and nothing prevents you from moving independently for the creation of your Landing Page,

but referring to a company that operates in this sector on a daily basis will provide you with a greater competitive advantage.

Landing Page Creation in Wix, Wordpress, GoDaddy!

We believe it is important to exploit technologies and platforms that allow you to reduce the costs of one of the most expensive parts, that is, the construction of the initial architecture of a platform that allows you to quickly create a professional Landing Page. Relying on platforms that favor the construction of a Landing Page is the best way to optimize production times and amortize costs. In addition, these CMS guarantee a fast and intuitive modification system, thus giving you the possibility in the future to manage any changes to info or product / service independently.

Furthermore, with the support of the Wix and WordPress platforms we will be able to test marketing and communication strategies, monitoring everything with specific analysis tools that are easily integrated and free.

Positioning yourself in the top results on Google will give you a big advantage

Bringing a website to be among the first in Google searches is not easy at all, it requires many hours of work per week on SEO with research and study of fundamental keywords, analysis of user behavior and writing copy texts. With us you can forget about all this and just watch your website rank higher in search engines. By relying on us you will optimize time and resources.

An effective web page is recognized by its ability to convert visitors into leads!
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