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StartUp Consulting

Business and Strategic Consulting Firm for StartUps and Young Enterprises

For years we have been assisting Startups to take the first fundamental steps in the world of the market. We are a consulting firm specialized in supporting StartUp in the search for professional figures, Business Plan , Definitions of Marketing Strategies , search for Funds and Financing for StartUp and project launch.

StartUp consultancy and business start-up support

Everything you need for a Start Up

We provide support to StartUps and Young companies that intend to enter the market.
From the online to the offline world, the procedure does not change, study of the product / market , customer profiling , definition of the main competitors , creation of marketing strategies , asset development , sales and custom care. We at M&G Consulting know the environment very well, which is
why we have developed procedures and services aimed at enhancing and growing Start Ups and Young Enterprises .

Startups and Young Enterprises. The first steps towards success

One more notion

Market statistics and university research have highlighted this as the main hitch for StartUps and Young Enterprises . resides in the definition of a marketing plan, This does not mean that the functional marketing plan is the solution to the problems of a Startup / Company but it has simply been noted that not infrequently, beautiful and functional projects have not reached the stage of launch because it failed to ignite the spark in pioneering consumers.

Marketing is not an exact science and therefore it is not sure that what has worked for some companies or products will also work for yours. This is because the variables that intervene are many, from the psychology of the consumer, to the offer on display, to the method of communication up to also considering the historical period. Getting even one of these variables wrong could make all the difference. We have everything you need: economic consultants, marketing experts and graphic designers to achieve and achieve your goals!

Lean Start Up and Young Businesses approach

Design and programming for development

This approach creates awareness of the project in the Start-up team and allows us to dissect the idea behind it. Approaching all the internal dynamics and developments of a Start Up in this way is very important, particularly in the initial stages. The Lean method allows you to analyze every single component of a topic by breaking it down into the simplest parts that compose it, optimizing, improving and replacing inefficiencies. A similar method of analysis is that used to develop the Business Plan. This document, often seen only as a document for the search for funding / lenders, actually requires the company to plan every single step of its project and define the arrival points in the short, medium and long term in every respect.
How to deal with marketing policies? How to search for customers? How to sell a product? How to distribute it? How to evolve and optimize it? What is the Vision and Mission of the company? Do we self-finance or do we need external economic resources? How to get them and how to use them?
These are some critical questions all entrepreneurs should ask themselves . A clear and precise vision of the path to follow before starting. If where to start a new challenge and you want to get concrete results, relying on experts will allow you to save time and money. Mistakes are always around the corner and can cost you dearly!

Web Agency for StartUps

Image and advertising for a StartUp are a priority. Trust the best to make no mistake!

M&G Consulting is also a Web Agency and a Communication Agency. We support StartUps in the development of Web Marketing Strategies, Social Communication , Creation of Websites , Logos and graphics and advertising on search engines and social networks , E-mail Marketing and Retargeting. With our designers give the right touch for a spectacular start!

  • SEO StartUp

  • SEM StartUp strategy

  • Social StartUp Pages Management

  • Writing texts in copy StartUp

  • Writing Blog StartUp texts

  • StartUp Email Campaigns

  • StartUp Search Engine Positioning

  • Remarketing and Retargeting StartUp

  • Website development for StartUp

  • E-commerce development for StartUp

  • StartUp Logo Creation

  • Brand Identity StartUp

  • Brand Awareness StartUp

  • StartUp Online Advertising

  • Startup video clips and animated videos

  • Spot Radio Startup recording

StartUp and Young Business Consulting

M&G Consulting services created specifically for Start Up and Young Companies . If you have a particular request write it in the notes of the estimate, we will do our best to help you.

Business Plan StartUp and Young Enterprises

We implement 3-5 year Business Plans to introduce the culture of strategic planning into the company over several years. Fundamental for Start Up.

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Visual and Graphic Support

Study and define your Brand Identity. The first visual impact is the most important to attract new customers. grab their attention and you're half done!

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Business Strategies for StartUps and Young Enterprises

Scalable and customized strategies, based and tailored to the type of business.

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Temporary Management

Inclusion of high-profile figures in the company for a limited period. Enjoy all the benefits of a highly skilled employee only for the time you need.

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Management control

Implementation of a management control system and drafting of the annual budget and income statement for the period. Periodic analysis will help you grow

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Website development and optimization

We develop unconventional websites. Stand out from the crowd is not easy but with our help you will always be the best.

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Funds and financing

Access funds and financing for your innovative Start Up project or to finance your young business.

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Entrepreneur Coaching

Take care of the entrepreneur's leadership,, Find out how to communicate with your employees and you will improve the working climate, performance and profitability. Motivate the team and deliver common goals.

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StartUp Marketing Plan

Costs, objectives and results defined in advance. In digital marketing you must always know what, why, how, when and how much it costs what you are doing!


Why Choose Us

1. Grow your StartUp

We develop clear strategic visions and concrete implementation plans combined with a strong focus on achieving objectives and results. Here's how we lead you to win your every challenge. Clients who choose M&G Consulting consultancy benefit from real know-how gained over years of experience.

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2. Simplify processes in a short time

Stratup consuleza Aziendale Agenzia Digitail marketing M&G Consulting

One of the recurring problems in Startups is the promiscuity of functions between the various collaborators and employees, when it is essential to immediately define roles, tasks, responsibilities and procedures. Thanks to our ability and experience we understand the company reality in a very short time, optimizing procedures, processes, flows and habits that have been created from the beginning of the project. We will provide you with the tools to better manage your Startup and to make it grow quickly.

3. Having a team of professionals

We develop clear strategic visions and concrete implementation plans combined with a strong focus on achieving objectives and results. Here's how we lead you to win your every challenge. Clients who choose M&G Consulting consultancy benefit from real know-how gained over years of experience.

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4.Access the Funded training

Consulenza StartUp Startegia Web Marketing Agency M&G Consulting

The speed and complexity of the market means that it is essential to integrate the specific skills of other professionals: in this case M&G Consulting is able to provide 360 ° advice thanks to its expert consultants and the collaborators it relies on.

5. Triggering change in the company

One of the crucial tests for the entrepreneur is to face change not only in the processes but above all at the organizational level. Entrepreneur Coaching is the ideal consultancy for developing a new approach to problems and solutions, strengthening one's leadership that is reflected throughout the company organization. "Become a better version of yourself every day."

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