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Management Consulting

We channel company resources in the right direction to make you reach every goal in a short time. Our experts will provide the target companies with strategies and tools for the pursuit of the set goals.

Management consulting for companies and professionals

Management Consulting: Strategy and Goals define success

We operate in the business world and freelancers and we address our Management and Business Organization Consulting services to entrepreneurs and managers who accept the challenge of growth and leadership for their company.

Our customers are those who realize they are held back by something and want to unlock themselves to develop and achieve success. The approaches devised by M&G consulting guarantee the competitiveness and success of companies in the long term, thanks to the spread of the culture of innovation and improvement.

Management and Strategic Consulting


Management Consulting services

Balance Score card

The Balance Score Card helps to transform the theoretical strategy at an operational level. It defines your position and returns a rating on your company.

Business Plan

We draw up an excellent Business and Financial Plan for your company. This is the first step in finding lenders and understanding the steps to follow in order not to slow down the development of your project.

Lean Thinking

We implement a business process optimization plan for you, allowing you to improve performance, increasing internal security, control and reducing costs.

Management control

Professional management consulting. We support and direct the company management to the resolution of business problems.

Temporary Manager

We provide our client companies with qualified managerial resources quickly and support them in the search for highly specialized and qualified figures.

Executive Manager

We have teams of professionals ready to work in support of the company to support it in the research and training project of internal management.

Generational change

M&G Consulting consultants and experts to support this particularly delicate phase. Complete the generational shift easily.

M&A - Merger & Acquisition

Business acquisition and merger. Our consultants are at your complete disposal in these delicate phases. From the purchase offer to the integration of sectors between the various companies.

Corporate Restructuring

In this particularly delicate phase you will be supported by our consultants to review every single aspect of your business and complete the corporate restructuring

Management Consulting is the activity carried out by professionals external to the company in order to assist and advise the company management in the solution of strategic, managerial and organizational problems.

Balance score Card - BSC

What is the Balance Score Card

Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a management technique that facilitates the process of translating strategy into action.The BSC begins with an in-depth analysis of the company's vision and strategy, through which the critical issues and factors that will help the business to remain thriving and prosperous over time.

Through a top-down process , all sections of the company will be coordinated in order to focus on a single and common goal.

Corporate performance measurement systems focus excessively on external data and are unable to respond to business needs. With the publication "The Balanced Scorecard", Robert Kaplan and David Norton introduced four different assessment perspectives for each type of business area:

  • Financial measures (how do our shareholders perceive us?)
    Examples are cash flow, sales, income growth, ROE.

  • Customer-related measures (how do our customers perceive us?)
    Examples are delivery times, customer satisfaction, defect levels,

  • Process measures (what do you need to excel at?)
    Examples are productivity, cycle time, rates of return, quality and cost measures.

  • Learning and innovation measures (how do we cultivate our ability to change and improve?)
    Examples are the development cycle times of a new product, improvement rates, technological leadership.

The measures that must be taken into consideration when evaluating the various company activities are both external (shareholders and customers) and internal measures (process and innovation) and calibrated with the right balance. It will then be necessary to define the objectives achieved by the company to date and those that are intended to be achieved for the future.


To implement the Balanced Scorecard it is necessary to perform some basic steps:

  • Identify the vision;

  • Identify the strategy;

  • Identify the critical success factors;

  • Identify the measures;

  • Evaluate the results;

  • Create action plans;

  • Manage, maintain and improve the scorecard.

But let's get to the benefits of this procedure:


The benefits deriving from the application of the Balanced Scorecard can be summarized as follows:

  • Alignment of performance measurements with strategy at every level of the organization;

  • Provides management with a complete picture of operational activities;

  • Facilitates communication and understanding of business objectives and strategies at every level of the organization;

  • It provides strategic feedback and encourages learning.