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Strategic Consulting and Web Agency for Companies in Bologna

Strategic Consulting and Web Agency for Companies in Bologna

Are you looking for a consulting firm and Web Agency in Bologna that knows how to follow you in every business area regardless of the life phase of your company in Bologna? M&G Consulting will assist you with Business , Marketing and Strategic Consulting up to the implementation of your projects with implementation of marketing strategies, developing Web sites , SEO , SEM and creating the logo in Bologna and throughout the country and internationally.

M&G Consulting Bologna

Consulting services for SMEs and Large Enterprises in Bologna

M&G Consulting was born as an "All in One" professional studio, that is structured to be able to follow every aspect of a company. You can reach any goal by contacting a single studio. Worry about defining your goals and we will help you achieve them!
Whatever the scope and sector of your company, we are ready!

Business and Strategic Consultancy, Large Businesses and SMEs Consultancy, Strat Up Support, Product and Service Development, Web Marketing .

Web Agency Services: Website Development and E-commerce , SEO , SEM , E-mail marketing , Logo creation and Website restyling

Experts in supporting businesses at any stage of life can be found: market entry, development, maturity, decline or revival.

Concrete support based on real results and objectives. We will follow you from the administrative-financial sector to the study of the strategy and marketing with their implementation and monthly analytical reports on the progress of improvements.

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If you are looking for a consulting company that can offer you help in all business aspects, M&G Consulting is the right company for you!

We have been assisting companies in achieving their goals for several years. Our fields range from Business Consulting to Digital Marketing to Outsourcing services.

We boast considerable experience in services relating to business start-up and development. Our team is expert in supporting you in all business aspects: Business Consulting , Business Plan Writing and Investor Search, Digital Marketing , Brand Identity , Website Development and E-commerce.

Thanks to our expert collaborators we are able to provide an exceptional service with coverage in many Italian cities, always reaching our goals. Is your city not one of those we are in? Don't worry, our consultations are also carried out remotely with platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, and many others. In short, there are no obstacles that can separate us.

Business Consulting Bologna

Strategic Consulting for companies and StartUps

Investing in the growth of your business is the first way to be able to keep up with the times and to increase the value of your company. It is like when you buy a new car, maintenance and repairs are to be carried out periodically to keep it in good condition and for fanatics, they could dare more by modifying it to increase its value ... here M&G Consulting offers a set of services on which a responsible entrepreneur should always pay attention:

  • Periodic internal company analysis

  • Product / service development

  • Market demand research

  • Care of the brand image

  • Positioning on the Web (Search Engines, Social, etc.)

  • Development of new marketing strategies

An entrepreneur who is particularly attentive and caring to his company should pay attention to the following points:

  • Competition analysis

  • Risk diversification

  • Market entry strategies

  • Attack and defense of competition

  • Lean Thinking

These activities require a lot of time and investment in personnel resources and money. Relying on experts is the best choice to achieve goals, save time and money.

If you have a business to start or restructure M&G Consulting is the solution. Contact us for more info .

SEO strategy we place your E-Commerce on the front page

Increase the organic traffic and resulting from marketing campaigns on your E-commerce.

SEO, E-commerce restyling, Process Optimization, Marketing Campaigns, E-mail Marketing, Website development. We know the difficulty and the immense work behind a strategy to bring customers to your platform. We have been assisting companies for some time in this particularly complex and laborious process. Understand how determining what the sources of the problem are is not as simple as the resolution process. What's wrong with it? The product itself? Wasn't it advertised well? Does the platform appear complex and aesthetically unattractive? Do customers not find your site when they search for your products? Are the phrases used on the website uninvolving and not finalizing?

Relying on experts means optimizing time and costs.

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Web Agency Bologna

Digital Agency in Bologna - Website Restyling

M&G Consulting takes care of this too! We specialize in graphic design, so we take care of the visual communication of your websites and social networks. It is important to ensure that each component intended for the public is consistent with the message, product and service that is being offered. Our team develops dynamic and responsive websites, paying particular attention to mobile friendly. The restayling of your site will be constantly subject to your review in order to best represent your preferences, remaining consistent with the corporate identity. Images, templates, choice of font and colors, all harmoniously dressed to improve the image of your business.

Graphic restyling and website optimization in Bologna?

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