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A Web Agency? A Consulting Firm? We are all of this!

We are a Consulting Firm, a Web Agency, Strategic Managers, professionals trained to support you and generate value.

All the services you need to develop your business and to stand out in the market full of competitors that surrounds you. Sometimes good ideas alone are not enough to make you stand out in the sea full of fish, and even these after some time are no longer so effective. What our experience teaches us is that it is not just about marketing, corporate image or management but more often than not it is a combination of factors. This is why M&G Consulting was born as a studio able to assist clients in every business sector.

Who is M&G Consulting?

M&G Consulting is a team of professionals in marketing , management , design and website development.

It was born with the philosophy of placing the customer at the center of the project, making him the direct protagonist and realizing his ideas and objectives but also with the aim of teaching and transferring know-how to those who request it.

Our firm offers various services to support businesses, both from a creative and technical , business and managerial point of view. We look at the web as a very important tool to promote and develop your business, but not as the only existing tool.

Our Business Consulting will be the tool with which you will reach your goals. We deeply believe in the customer and professional relationship and we focus a lot on this added value! We believe in the value of keeping a client as long as possible and not using it for just one project. These goals can only be reached with competence, professionalism, seriousness, but above all with care and attention to the needs of customers and their goals.

Our main office is located in Milan but we provide our services throughout the Italian territory.

We strongly believe that an idea, a dream, a project or even just a goal, combined with STRONG motivation, is right to make it happen.

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The Value Generator

We support entrepreneurs in making their dreams come true!

What do we do?

When passion becomes at home

With a variety of experience in the world of consultancy, M&G Consulting has always set out to provide consultancy supports for SMEs and large companies. from the agricultural, industrial sector to the transport, energy and tourism sectors.
We have experience in various fields but what we have noticed is that no matter how much we can change the product marketed and seen, often the main rules that govern the market and the psychology of the end user do not vary.

A careful analysis and study of the market precedes each phase of intervention and this allows us to approach our work in the best possible way.