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The Value Generator

M&G Consulting is a company that operates in the consulting sector for SMEs and large companies. We deal with Corporate C onsulence, Digital Marketing   and Graphic Design

Business and Web Consulting Firm

Specialized in creating value .

The best professionals in Business Consulting and Digital Marketing are gathered under M&G Consulting to be a true generator of value for SMEs and large companies. For years engaged in the development of websites, marketing campaigns, strategic and business consultancy. We are also a communication studio with a team of experts in the creation of logos and brands, creating and enhancing the Brand Identity reputation and always guaranteeing the realization of the desired corporate design.

Business and management support

Run properly and truly control your business. We will support you and help you achieve your goals!

A brand identity for everyone

Define your own brand identity, differentiate yourself from competitors and consolidate it through the appropriate tools. Originality and simplicity first of all!

Define a marketing strategy

Let your potential customers find you on the web and consolidate current relationships! Social marketing, Email Markenting, SEO, SEM and much more. M&G consulting will make everything quick and easy!

Your logo as you dreamed it!

Creating your own Logo, brand is essential for the success of your business. Unique and original design to stand out from competitors

Refresh the style of your website

The website is your business card for customers and suppliers. Keep up with the times and choose an innovative and design structure for your website.

Achieve high ranking positions

Position yourself among the first results on search engines. You appear in organic searches for keywords that are relevant to your business.

Generational transfer to third parties or family members

The generational change of a company is a particular moment for the activity of a company. Regardless of whether the transition takes place to third parties or to a family member, it is always a delicate moment.

Temporary Management

Top Management Support

We make qualified managerial resources available to client companies quickly and support them in the search for highly specialized and qualified figures.

Solutions for SMEs and Large Enterprises

Study the competitors and find out how to defend yourself from their attacks. Anticipate their marketing moves and don't get caught unprepared.

Starting a company or Start-Up

We support entrepreneurs to start their own business or to channel their business towards new areas for strategic development or the diversification of default risk.

Search for new investors

Realization of effective and unique Pitch and Business Plan. Find new lenders and request funds for your projects from banks and investment companies with structured and effective business plans, financial plans and pitches

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Studio di consulenza aziendale e strategica Meg consulenze M&G Consulting Agenzia Web Marketing

M&G Consulting


We are an All in one consulting firm. Born to create value. Our support touches every business area and concretizes the processes.

M&G Consulting is the business consulting firm that provides entrepreneurs with targeted assistance and support according to market changes. We work closely with management to achieve the objectives set.

We start by studying your business with your participation and then profile the possible problems and study the best strategies that can be implemented to achieve the objectives. So if you feel you need professional support, contact us for a quote!

How a Business Consultancy works

Our business consulting service is developed around the fundamental and logical processes to guarantee an always optimal service. We generally intervene for the implementation of corporate projects, at Client Companies, where we are assigned complex tasks and which need to follow pre-established guidelines. The method used by M&G Consulting is to divide the consultancy service into 5 steps, guaranteeing, according to each situation, the right time for each step. Regardless of the nature of the project, it is necessary to ensure that the focus points are carried out, until the desired goal is reached.






Service delivery


Know How Transfer


Achievement of Goals

With this method it is always clear the type of approach used by the consultant involved where, thanks to the transfer of their know-how to the staff of the Client Company, and any subsequent assistance, the achievement of the objectives set upstream of each intervention is guaranteed. . With this methodology, M&G Consulting puts the achievement of the Client's objectives in the first place, providing them with a competitive advantage. In fact, every intervention by the M&G Consulting company is not considered as a cost by the client companies, but as a lasting investment over time.

This result is possible only by achieving effective and concrete results that customers can perceive. Each customer request is scrupulously analyzed and studied to then determine the best operational method to achieve the goal. Sincerity in this phase is very important, defining the feasibility of achieving the objectives set by the client company, timing or costs, is the duty of every consulting firm. No goal is unattainable!



Thanks to the experience gained in Web Development, our consulting firm in Milan deals with the design and creation of websites, mobile sites and the creation of corporate sites for businesses and freelancers.

Domain management, dedicated hosting, website creation (static, dynamic) and in the website creation or restyling service we include content optimization, basic SEO , to better target the positioning of your website.

Do you want to increase the indexing of your website in Google searches? With our advanced SEO you will quickly increase the indexing of your website on search engines, thus laying the foundations for an effective marketing strategy. M&G Consulting and its digital marketing experts will support you in developing a marketing strategy by combining content optimization with targeted Google Ads campaigns and social networks

M&G Consulting and its experts in Digital Marketing will support you in developing a marketing strategy by combining content optimization with targeted Google Ads campaigns and social networks

Web Agency Sviluppo sito web Studio M&G Consulting meg consulenze



Web Agency Sviluppo logo Studio M&G Consulting meg consulenze

The logo for a company is like a distinctive character on the face of each of us: the color of the eyes, the profile of the face, the shape of the nose and lips ... In short, following the logical thread for which the company is the reflection of the entrepreneur with M&G Consulting you will get the Logo that will represent your corporate identity and that will distinguish you from competitors. For us, standing out is not enough, collaborating closely with you to obtain the result that reflects and exceeds your expectations, M&G Consulting aims to affirm the Brand Identity with unique and personalized Logos.

It will be essential to maintain the coherence of the Brand Image by creating web graphics and multimedia contents on the social pages that are graphically coordinated with each other, so that all potential customers can always recognize you. At the end of the work we will deliver the Logo and the relative instructions on how to make it in vector.

Ci occupiamo di strategie di web marketing al fine di acquisire nuovi potenziali Clienti, il nostro obiettivo è far aumentare il fatturato dei nostri Clienti raggiungendo nuovi utenti, con tecniche di ingagement e funnel conprovati, in grado di garantire risultati.

Offriamo posizionamento SEO in prima pagina su Google e ci occupiamo di strategie di comunicazione efficaci, scegliendo le migliori tecnologie e i migliori canali per la promozione dei Brand. Scegli M&G Consulting come Partner strategico per fare crescere la tua azienda e la presenza online con il Web Marketing e le attività Social.


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